Best Asics Walking Shoes for Women


A good walking shoe is a combination of both style and comfort, which is what Asics is good at. The popular sporty brand manufacturers some of the best Asics walking shoes for women. The brand began its journey in 1940, and it has been improving ever since.

The manufacturers are always introducing new technologies and methods to provide the best product, which is exactly why we have come up with this article.

If you are looking for durable and high-quality walking shoes, Asics is a great choice. That being said, following are the five best walking shoes that you will absolutely love.

Here Are the 5 Best Asics Walking Shoes for Women:

  1. Asics Women’s Gel-Tech Neo 4 Walking Shoe


On top, we have the Asics Women’s Gel-Tech Neo 4 Walking Shoe. Women who are overweight and willing to lose some pounds must go for this pair of walking shoes. These zippy and lightweight shoes are one of the best Asics walking shoes for women. Its sole provides support, so you will not face any problem in walking or running. All in all, your feet will have a nice and easy experience with this pair of shoes.



  • High-quality Fabric:


This Asics women’s shoe is made of high-quality fabric and synthetic materials. Usually, shoe manufacturers struggle to find the ideal design for offering maximum support to overweight walkers. But when it comes to Asics, they come up with the best solution by providing the best-quality materials.

  • Breathable:


You can truly enjoy walking sessions only if you are comfortable. That being said, manufacturers made sure to use breathable and lightweight material to make you feel comfy. Not only that, its sole comes with ample cushioning, so you don’t experience any pain even on harder surfaces.

  • Lightweight: 


The Asics Women’s Gel-Tech Neo 4 Walking Shoe is one of the lightest shoes available on the market today. If you are searching for shoes that are lightweight and provide you a smooth walking experience, this is it for you. It brilliantly lights with stability, resulting in a highly comfortable shoe.


  • These shoes have the perfect support for posture and heels.
  • They are well-designed, thanks to its midsole and guiding system.
  • They come with the Trusstic system for higher durability.
  • They feature an Ortholite liner for more comfort.
  • They have fatigue-resistant insole fixed, so you can have longer walking sessions.



  • Some women may experience cramping and itching.


Final Verdict: 


Asics Women’s Gel-Tech Neo 4 Walking Shoe is an excellent shoe pair from the Asics collection. It is quite affordable, keeping in mind its amazing features. These walking shoes will provide you a comfortable experience and help you have a healthy life. Women who are fitness enthusiasts and love decent designs, this shoe is the one for you.

  1. Asics Women’s MetroLyte Walking Shoe

The renowned brand, Asics, is always looking for ways to provide a better experience to its users. That being said, it has some of the most stylish and sporty-looking shoes on the collection, and Women’s MetroLyte Walking Shoe is one of them. You can wear this comfy shoe during walking/workout sessions as well as outside.




  • Highly Comfortable:


The shoe is also very comfortable, thanks to the foam sock lining, which molds to the shape of your foot for a snug fit. Another advantage is that it is available in a range of colors; if you prefer ASICS MetroLyte black walking shoes or another color, you will be able to find the perfect footwear for you.


  • Excellent Functionality:


This product has been made to the list of best walking shoes for women due to its efficient performance. Moreover, it has a bold and stylish look, making it a must-have on your shoe closet. Apart from its distinct style, it also offers great value for money. You will notice stability and control during walking sessions.

  • Lightweight:


Most people assume that walking shoes are heavy in weight, but this is not the case with Asics Women’s MetroLyte Walking Shoes. When you wear this pair of shoes, you will realize that it is highly comfortable and lightweight. During walking and workout sessions, you won’t even remember that you’re wearing something. When it comes to choosing walking shoes, comfort is the utmost priority of most women.


  • They are lightweight and soft.
  • They have a stylish and funky look.
  • These shoes have dense foam fixed for better cushioning.
  • They can be easily worn and removed.
  • They have a sock liner to provide more comfort.



  • Not ideal for people with flat feet.
  • Some women don’t find the slip-on feature useful.


Final Verdict: 


Wearing the Asics Women’s MetroLyte Walking Shoes, you will unleash a brave style and bold features. All in all, you will love walking in these shoes as they are highly comfortable and light as a feather. By wearing them, you will feel more fearless and confident. These shoes are ideal for walking enthusiasts.

  1. Asics Women’s Gel Frequency 3 Walking Shoe:


This pair of shoes is particularly designed for women who want to have a healthy and active lifestyle. This is the Best ASICS Gel Walking Shoe brand because it has certain features for comfort and stability that are indispensable for a long and comfortable walk or standing – perfect for nurses and those who spend much of their day on their feet.



  • Latest Technology: 


The Asics Women’s Gel Frequency 3 Walking Shoe designers utilized the latest technology and high-quality materials to provide enhanced support to its users. Since the midsole is created of ethylene-vinyl acetate, it secures the arches within the shoe. To sum it up, you will experience support and stability in every inch of this shoe.

  • Flexible: 


Unarguably, all shoes must be flexible. But when it comes to walking shoes, it is actually necessary. If a walking shoe is not adjustable, it is not worth buying because such shoes can cause irritation and swelling in your feet. The good news is that Asics shoes are highly flexible, that you can wear them during walking sessions as well as on a daily basis. You won’t feel any irritation wearing this pair of shoes.

  • Airflow: 


When the whole upper of a shoe is a big mesh, it does not require fancy mesh cutouts anymore. The mesh upper covers promote airflow since it covers the body of the upper. This is a great pair of shoes as the mesh covers every inch of these shoes. Bigger airflow is a much-needed addition because running shoes have to deal with more sweat than regular ones. Therefore, these shoes are perfect to wear regardless of the weather conditions.



  • They have mesh upper for durable and comfortable wearing experience.
  • A midsole is attached made of Ethylene-vinyl acetate for shock absorption.
  • They come up with a Gel Cushioning system to provide a natural walking gait.
  • These shoes have a DuoMax Support System incorporated for increase heel and toe support.


  • These shoes don’t come in a wide range of colors.


Final Verdict: 


Overall, this shoe pair is ideal for walking enthusiasts. The mesh upper on the ASICS gel frequency 3 allows for maximum breathability and comfort during the day. The GEL Cushioning System for improved comfort and shock absorption when you walk on various terrains is another aspect that sets the shoe apart from the pack.

  1. Asics Gel Quick WK 3 Walking Shoes for Women:


The first thing that strikes you about this product is its eye-catching style, which is unrivalled. The material is a combination of synthetic and textile for maximum comfort and durability. It has a rubber sole that allows you to walk on a variety of terrains with maximum stability – this feature allows you to walk for longer and better.




  • Stability:


Are you new to walking and running? If so, you will find it difficult to get used to it. The good news is that you will have a stable experience when wearing the Asics Gel Quick WK3 Walking Shoes. Stability is one of the key elements during walking sessions as you make sudden movements. This pair of shoes will keep you firm and stable on the surface.


  • Lightweight: 


Although it has intense look, it is not a heavy shoe. In fact, this pair of shoes is extremely light.  It provides the walker a smart and catchy look, which is a plus. Moreover, the comfort level of this product is amazing. You’ll be very relaxed during the workout and enjoy every session with this shoe on.


  • All-day Long: 


If you belong to a profession where you have to be on your feet all day long, this pair of shoes is ideal for you. It is essential to wear footwear that is reliable and does not cause any harm to your feet. Picking up the wrong shoes means you will experience heel pain, bristles, and irritation in your feet. But if add this shoe product to your collection, you will not experience any such problem. They offer excellent support to your feet and keep you safe from any danger.


  • These shoes come with a rubber sole to provide enhanced flexibility and grip.
  • They are made of synthetic and textile materials, so you can have a comfortable experience.
  • They are highly durable and bring stability during walking sessions.
  • A low-top measuring shaft for a comfortable and better fit.
  • Asics High Abrasion Rubber sole is fixed in certain parts for improved shock absorption.



  • Not as good as the Gel 3 Neo Walker 3, according to the users.


Final Verdict: 


Have you had a bad walking experience in past? Then this is pair of shoes is highly recommended to you. These shoes make sure that you have a comfortable walking experience without robbing your pockets. To put it in simple words, it is your ultimate solution for stable and comfortable training sessions.

  1. Asics Women’s Metrolyte-w Walking Shoes:


It’s a product worth investing in if you’re looking for a shoe to go with your active lifestyle. To begin with, the shoe is very light, as it is made up of a combination of synthetic and leather. The ASICS Women’s Metrolyte-w pink shoe is a great choice for working women, but you can also choose other colors as it comes in many.




  • Extremely Light: 


You will be pleased to know that this pair is very breathable and soft. It provides maximum comfort level due to its lightweight. Finding this level of comfort in other shoes would be a challenge for you. Walkers with large feet can also experience smooth sessions with such comfy shoes.


  • Attractive Design:


The Asics Women’s Metrolyte-w Walking Shoes is quite attractive and stylish. Women who like to have feminine style shoes must go for it. These shoes are available in different colors and its score is quite high in terms of runner-friendly features.


  • Extremely Comfortable:


This is the most comfortable shoe on the list. Since it is not a heavy shoe, you will notice smoother transition and amazing toe-off while wearing. These shoes are breathable as they are made of best-quality mesh uppers. Whether you are walking for hours, you won’t feel uncomfortable in these shoes even for a minute.



  • These shoes are comfortable for pregnant women.
  • They have an attractive feminine design.
  • They come with a removable insole for women who find it too tight-fitting.
  • They have a memory foam sock line to add comfort and better shock absorption.
  • They are slip-on design for comfortable wear.



  • They are not ideal for daily wear.
  • They don’t have any arch support.


Final Verdict: 


To have smooth and harmless walking sessions, you should pick this pair of shoes. You will have confident walking sessions with the level of stability that it offers. It offers important features with exceptional performance at a very reasonable price. Therefore, this is a great choice to make for women who love walking.

Closing Thoughts

The best Asics walking shoes for women offer the essential stability and comfort you need to have efficient walking sessions. Asics shoes are popular for several reasons, and you may find it out yourself by buying the perfect pair of shoes for yourself.

To sum it up, we hope that you find this guide informative, and you will choose the right walking shoe. Good luck!

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