Best Nail Polish Brands of 2021


Whether you’re stepping out for a night out on the town or just fixing up an afternoon at home, having the best nail polish for you is an important part of looking your best. When perfecting your own at-home manicure, a bit of practice goes a long way, and having an assortment of the best nail polish brand names on hand will help you get just the type of result you’ve been used to leaving the salon with. When it comes to nails, what you don’t have in your collection might just as well hurt you more than help you.

While it’s best to pick a basic shade that’s close to your natural coloring, it’s also helpful to have a few dark hues on hand for those times when you may want to add a pop of something darker. As with nail polish, what you may earn from these shades depends heavily on your own personal taste. You might earn a lot of money from a basic black polish shade, but if that’s all you’re comfortable wearing, you may only need to stock up on those nail manicures when you absolutely have to. On the other hand, if you love a dark shade and are willing to spend the cash on those shades, you may find that your best nail polish doesn’t come in those basic shades, as many of them are quite sheer and may only be worn with certain outfits.

Best Nail Polishes

1 – Essie Nail Polish

2 – Using Non-Toxic Nail Polish

3 – Gellen Gel Nails Polish Set

4 – Modelones Mood Gel Nail Polish Set

5 – Mefa 23 Pcs Gel Nails Polish Set


Essie Nail Polish

Essie Nail Polish is one of the best selling cosmetics lines today. The company has created many brilliant shades including; Juicy Couture, Oatstew, Darling, Seductive, Rodeo, and plenty others. Each woman’s personal style is reflected in her choice of polish. This polish is available in both a stick type and liquid form. There are many reasons why women choose to use Essie Nail Polish.

Our nails become dry and brittle as we get older, causing them to break easily. What we wear on our hands and feet also causes breakage. We often wear synthetic nails that can be removed easily at the salon. Using Essie, you can avoid having to remove your polish so often.


Sundays Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Using Sundays Non-Toxic Nail Polish can produce noticeable results even for those who normally have difficult manicures. The better results and the ease in application make this polish worth its modest cost. It gives the nail a smooth finish while strengthening the bond between the nail and the cuticle. This results in stronger adhesion between the cuticle and the nail.

Artificial nails have been a source of embarrassment for women over the past few decades. They have been associated with unsightly hair loss, uneven skin tone, rough nails, and missing eyebrows. These problems can all be solved with the use of Sundays Non-Toxic Nail Polish. The polish eliminates the need to purchase artificial nails to improve one’s appearance.


Gellen Gel Nails Polish

The Gellen Gel Nails Polish Set by Jane Iredale is a starter set that offers 4 acrylic colors in a clear base with metallic and shimmering sparkle and texture to mimic the look of natural nails. It includes 2 bottles of each color, so you get a full collection of colors to use. There are no artificial additives used and no dyes or preservatives to worry about. The two main ingredients that make up the set, gel and octyl dimethyl, are all-natural, safe ingredients. This means they will not irritate your skin and are suitable for all skin types.

The packaging is very attractive and appealing as well. The four bottles come in a clear cellophane bag with a tag that has a mirror and a thank you card. The packaging also includes a luminous top coat so you know just what top coat to apply to achieve the perfect result. When you receive this nail art set you immediately notice the difference between gel nail polish and regular nail polish.


Modelones Mood Gel Nail Polish Set

The Modelones Mood Gel Nail Polish Set comes with two bottles of each color to create a beautiful look for each day of the week. On days that you want to wear lighter colors such as white or nude grays, you can apply the white gel polish first, followed by the nude grey. You can continue to apply the gel polish as often as you like throughout the week and your nails will be ever so different. If you want a darker look you simply switch the colors. You may even want to alternate between the two bottles of gelling to add some variation to your nails. The combination of the light and dark colors creates a dramatic look and makes your nails appear to be fuller and thicker.


Mefa 23 Pcs Gel Nails Polish Set

Mefa 23 Pcs Gel Nails Polish Set will surely make your nails look better than ever. You do not have to spend too much money just to get these products. There are several features that make these kits different from the others available on the market. First of all, it is the easiest way to create beautiful nails because of the fact that it does not involve any type of complex processes. This means that anyone can apply this manicure without any problems. It also has an application procedure that is very quick, which enables you to enjoy a manicure in a few minutes.


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