Best Video And Audio Baby Monitors 2020


The purpose of baby monitors is to allow baby sitters or parents to keep an eye on their baby at all times. One of the features that are most sought after is the ability to view the baby from a distant location. Some of the best baby monitors offer both audio and video quality. Some models provide audio and video quality via a one way remote, while others are only capable of receiving and transmitting sound and video feeds from a distant location. Many of the latest models also have night vision capabilities.

With the video baby monitors, you can watch your baby as he sleeps in the bed and even checks the temperature. When your little baby one falls asleep, you can hear and view everything that is going on in his room. You can see the room temperature, hear the heartbeat, and can view the pictures on the screen. These features help to ensure that your infant is as safe as possible.



1- VTECH DM111 Audio Baby Monitor

2-  Victure 1080P FHD Baby Monitor

3- Nooie Baby Monitor 1080P

4- VTech VM3252 Digital Video Baby Monitor

5- Newbaby Video Baby Monitor

6- HeimVision Video Baby Monitor



VTECH DM111 Audio Baby Monitor

VTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor is one of the best baby monitors available for little babies. Many parents have commended the quality of sound and ease of use that this product provides.

In addition, it can be used in quiet or noisy situations and is designed to provide a quality of sound no matter what. While most audio baby monitors fall short in this area or another when it comes to sound quality, the DM111 is able to meet many of these standards and more.

This makes it one of the most qualified baby equipment you can purchase, allowing you to enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that it will work while you are away from home, as well as while you are at home with your precious baby. In addition, DM111 is one of the cheapest audio baby monitoring options you can find on Amazon.


– 1,000 ft of Range
– 5- Level Sound Indicator


– Sometimes making weird sounds

Victure 1080P FHD Baby Monitor

A little more than an ideal baby monitoring device, the Victure 1080P FHD Baby Monitor is a high-tech video baby monitor for your needs.
Victure Video Baby Monitor can be used to listen in more than three miles away. The microphone on this Victure 1080P FHD baby monitor is capable of detecting your baby’s voices, even in very noisy situations. This baby monitor comes with an adorable carrying case. It can easily fit into your diaper bag and go where you need to go, even if you are traveling abroad. The wifi transmission is quite fast and secure, which makes it perfect for both parent and child.


– 1080P Full HD
– Easy To Use
– Night Vision


– Connection Problems

Nooie Baby Monitor 1080P

The Nooie baby monitor can be connected to your own laptop or smartphone via wifi. With the help of cloud storage, your data can be accessed from anywhere where you have access to wifi. Most of the Nooie baby monitor comes with a five-year warranty and two months of free cloud storage. Nooie is one of the best baby monitors for its great features and unbeatable price. The audio-visual features allow you to see and hear your child as he/she sleeps. Nooie can sense movement even from several meters away.


– Works With Alexa
– Sound Detection
– Night Vision


– Poor Quality Camera


VTech VM3252 Digital Video Baby Monitor

VTech VM3252 Digital Video Baby Monitor is a great tool for any parent to have. VTech VM3252 Digital Video Baby Monitor comes with two-way communication, a high-definition camera and night vision. With the two-way communication, the parent unit automatically turns on at night and switches to a digital camera during the night time.


– Long Range
– 2 Way Talk
– Temperature Sensor


– Weak Battery

Newbaby Video Baby Monitor

Newborn Baby Monitors is a great way for new parents to monitor their baby’s sleep. Newbaby Baby Monitors can be monitored by the parent with the use of a television, mobile phone or computer. The Newbaby Baby Monitor has an easy-to-use screen and easy to understand instructions. The rechargeable battery can be easily replaced without the need to send the unit back to the store. Most of these baby monitor models come with lullabies preloaded onto the system. If you happen to purchase one that does not have this option, you can download many of the available lullabies from the Internet. These soft melodies will calm your baby and help it to drift to sleep.


– 900 Ft Range
– Auto Wake-Up
– Night Vision


– Poor Quality Charger

HeimVision HM 136 Video Baby Monitor

The price for this particular HeimVision Video Baby Monitor is around twenty-five dollars. It also comes with three year warranty. The technology used in this particular baby monitor is state-of-the-art. This includes high definition audio and video for parents to view while caring for their children. It also offers parents a choice between the Heim Vision Basic and the Heim Vision Deluxe. With the Deluxe model, there is a five-inch touch screen as well as a VGA video output port for connecting the monitor to a personal computer or laptop.


– Temperature & Sound Alarm
– Wide Angle
– Night Vision
– Long Range


– Connection Problems


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