DMCA Policy respects your copyright trademarks, according to DMCA. We do not intend the infringement of copyright content. But in case, if any copyright claim submitted to healthapes, we will actively respond as per our statement i.e., given below.

After receiving any copyright claim, we will take specific actions within 2-3 working days with its removal if any copyright exists. Further, In the future, we will avoid such alleged copyright in our content submissions.

If you are sure about any copyright claim that belongs to third-party content placement to our site, please fill the complete form according to the guidelines described below.

  • Full description of alleged copyright content or comments related proof should be given.
  • Please clearly mention that material that is infringed on copyright. You can also provide a URL related to the claim in your email for reliability.
  • Write the details information in the message so we can contact that third-party like complete email address, office/home address, phone number, etc.
  • A legal proof that the content on which claim is received is owned by the copyright owner and not permitted to use by other third-party.
  • An affirmation about the information given that the given details and data are valid and accurate. Also, make sure that the request is generated from an authentic person.
  • Any proved statement that you are the owner of the infringed content or contacting us on behalf of the copyright owner.
  • Your claim must consist of a signature, either physical or electronic. But a valid owner’s signature must be placed on request form by actual copyright head.

If this information is not enough to help us with finding infringed content, we can demand additional details also. If our site consists of any claim, you will be partnered in profit shares of that content.

If we receive any copyright claim regarding our site’s content, we will remove that material from our site. But we will recommend you to please consult with your lawyer first to know about your ownership, rights, and obligations as per DMCA regulations.